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 Stephen Ministry

To enlarge and deepen the ministry of the laity by providing a one-on-one level of care
to persons who are experiencing special needs or crises in their life, such as death,
illness, divorce, job loss, teen-age pregnancy, etc. Caregivers receive intensive training
so that they are able to provide appropriate spiritual support.

Stephen Ministry is an outreach of Christ's love. We have Stephen Ministry because God calls every one to love and care for one another. Stephen Ministry provides a place where those who have the gifts for caring ministry can put their gifts to use in a meaningful way.

Confidentiality and Stephen Ministry...
Stephen Ministers care for their care receivers one-on-one. It's a meaningful, Christian, non-judgmental relationship that is confidential. The intention is to assist someone for a time in their journey through a difficult time in their lives.

Call the number below if you or someone you know might benefit from the services
of a Stephen Minister.

You can call the church office: 972-771-5500 or Kelly Groat, 972-955-7100. 

Our Stephen Ministers are there to care!